Why going to Paros with your car is not a good idea

When we go on vacation, we are always looking to relax and have fun. This means that we would all like to manage our time ourselves and generally to do what we want, when we want to. To put it in other terms, nobody wants to have to abide by a schedule while on vacation. Therefore, even though most holiday and tourism destinations do have pretty reliable bus services and other means of public or tourist transport, most people prefer to arrive by their own car at their chose vacation destination. Simply put, when you have your own car with you during your vacation, then the world (or rather the place you are staying in) is your oyster.

When it comes to vacation destinations, some places are more popular than others and Greece, is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and the world in general. The problem with Greece is the fact that it is full of small islands, which means that many of its most famous destinations, such as the island of Paros, are basically impossible to drive to. This however doesn’t mean that one can’t visit them with his or her car.

During the summer months, large boats and ships leave for Paros and other islands in the Aegean Sea on a daily basis. Those ships are also able to carry a respectable number of cars and other vehicles within their holds. This means that if you would like to take your car with you to Paros, you can always load it on the ferry, is this idea however as good as it sounds? Not exactly… Let’s find out why.

Vehicle transport is pretty expensive

It goes without saying that getting a car to an island is going to cost more than it does for people, however, depending on the type of car, the cost of the fare can skyrocket. Sometimes, renting a car at your destination could actually be significantly cheaper than actually getting your car there by car, especially if your car happens to be an SUV or a large sedan. With that being said, ALWAYS compare the car rental rates in Paros or your island of choice with the cost of car transport by ship. You might be surprised by the cost difference.

Cars are essentially uninsured while in the ship’s hold

A little-known fact is that most insurance companies won’t cover damages sustained while a car is in an underground parking lot or the hold of a ferry. This is because those places are very tight and thus it is very improbable for a driver to cause a serious accident. With that being said, accidents can still happen while your car is parked in the ship’s hold. It is possible for example that another driver might hit, dent or scratch your car while attempting to park his on an adjacent parking spot. Those damages will likely not be covered by your insurance, so make sure that you read the fine print on your insurance contract before loading your car on a ship.

Getting on and off the ship can be stressful and time consuming

Believe it or not, it is not uncommon for drivers to wait for up to an hour or more in order to get their cars out of the ship’s hold. This is because a ship cab carry hundreds of cars and they all get out in the reverse order they went in. In other words, the cars that entered first will exit last. Furthermore, getting in and out of your assigned parking spot can be a harrowing experience for new and inexperienced drivers, since they will have to navigate very narrow areas and park in very tight spots.

For all those reasons, we suggest that you rent a car on Paros instead of getting your own car to the island.

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Have the vacations of a lifetime in a villa in Mykonos

Mykonos is the perfect destination for people looking to spend their vacation partying and having a good time in general. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and Europe in general and as such it is visited by millions of people every year. Most of the island’s visitors are young people looking to live it up but the island is also popular with celebrities, millionaires and jet setters. It’s not uncommon to have a Hollywood star lounging on the sunbed next to yours if you visit one of the islands famous beach bars. For a all those reasons, Mykonos is a dream holiday destination for many people.

If you are about to make your dream of visiting Mykonos come true, then you should know that there is a way to make your stay there a lot more fun and memorable: renting a villa. It might sound crazy, but it’s really possible and it’s the best way to experience the island. If you ever dreamt of spending a few days like a rock star, this might be your chance! Here’s why you should rent a villa during your stay on Mykonos!

They are not that expensive

Now, I know that upon reading the above title and googling Mykonos Villas you’d probably think that I’m either insane or filthy rich. Well, neither of the two is true! What you should know is that rates aren’t quoted on “per head” basis. Now, considering that most villas on the island are pretty big and can easily accommodate lots of guests, you and your mates can book a villa and split the daily rate among you. In the end, you will see that the rate won’t be that much more expensive than that of a relatively good hotel on the island. If you want to rent a villa in Mykonos and want to find the best price on the market, you have to do your research online and get as much information as you can before booking your villa.

It’s the only way to enjoy some privacy

Mykonos is a rather small island and since it’s so popular, it can get crowded pretty quickly. Now, crowds can be good when you are partying but they are not that good when you are trying to relax and regardless of how much of a party animal you are, you will have to rest and relax eventually. Luxury Mykonos villas are usually quite secluded which means that you will have your peace and quiet when you’ll want it. Also, this privacy will also ensure that what happens on Mykonos, stays on Mykonos.

Throw amazing parties

Villas are not Air BnBs. Their owners entrust them to a villas rental agency which in turn makes sure that the guests have an unforgettable stay. This means that the agency can help you and your party with pretty much anything you’ll need during your stay on the island. They can help you organize and throw amazing parties that will stay in your memories for ever. Depending on the agency, they might even throw in booze and catering. If one of your mates is getting hitched, a party in a luxury villa on Mykonos will definitely be ideal for his stag party or bachelor night!

Live like a celebrity

The agencies mentioned above won’t just help you organize parties. Depending on the service package that you will book, they may even send a limo to pick you up from the port or the airport. Your villa will also have its own staff including maids for housekeeping and perhaps even a butler. Some agencies even employ professional cooks and chefs in some of their rental properties. Finally, the agency will also assign you a local liaison. He or she will tell you anything you need to know about the island and its attractions and they will also help you get in to the most exclusive clubs, parties and other events.

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Why a Santorini and Mykonos cruise is ideal for enjoying those islands

Enjoy Mykonos and Santorini from the comfort of a cruise ship

Mykonos and Santorini are two of the most tourist destinations in Greece. It’s not uncommon for people who want to visit this country to be faced with the dilemma of choosing one of those two islands to stay. Each has its own qualities and is famous for its own reasons: Santorini is known for its Caldera and natural beauty, while Mykonos is famous all over the world for its beach bars, clubs and night-life. Usually, choosing one of those two islands for your vacation means that you won’t visit the other, this however doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Since the two islands are not only part of the same island complex, the Cyclades, they are also really close to each other, which is why many tourist and travel agencies offer Mykonos and Santorini cruises. A cruise is definitely a good since it means that you won’t have to “sacrifice” one island for the other. Both are rather small, so you would only need a few days in each in order to experience most of what they have to offer, but that’s not the only reason why cruises are such a good idea when it comes to holidays on those two islands.

You will have a place to stay

Both those islands are VERY popular tourist destinations, which means that hotel room rates tend to be very high, especially when it comes to hotels located in the largest towns. During a Mykonos – Santorini cruise it goes without saying that you will be staying in your cruise ship’s cabin. This means that you won’t have to look for rooms on either island – and depending on the time you visit them finding rooms might be virtually impossible – and you won’t worry about room rates either.

Luxury at reasonable prices

Well we all know that cruise ships are known for offering luxury. Believe it or not, when it comes to visiting or staying in places as popular as Santorini and Mykonos, booking a cabin on a cruise ship will probably cost you a lot less than booking a room in a three star hotel, let alone a resort or a five star hotel. It’s not uncommon for room rates of even moderately luxurious hotels on those two islands to reach three and even four digits per night! In other words, visiting Mykonos and Santorini by cruise ship is the best way to enjoy those islands in style and luxury.

Explore at your own leisure

When it comes to exploring those two islands, the cruise ship can act as a kind of “center of operations”. You can rent a car on either Santorini or Mykonos, park it in the port and drive around each island in order to explore and enjoy it to the fullest. Both islands have hundreds of car agencies between them – especially Santorini – which means that you won’t have any trouble finding a deal that will best suit your needs and budget. When it comes to Santorini car rentals the options are truly countless. Furthermore, like we said earlier, both the islands may be relatively small, but they have quite a few beaches and sights that you will need a car to get to. Some shipping companies may even have some deals in place with car rental agencies on each island in order to provide more competitive rates to their passengers. In other words, car rental and cruise combo is the absolute best way of getting the most out of your vacation on those two gorgeous islands of the Aegean sea in Greece.

Frequent routes

Since Mykonos – Santorini cruises are very popular and they are only growing in popularity, there are a lot of routes available. This means that no matter when you intend to visit Greece and those two islands, you will find a cruise for those two islands. Just search online for the routes and make sure to book a ticket and cabin as soon as possible!

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